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The spa & guest card

The spa and guest card you’re now holding is your ticket to lots of discounts! These special offers are only available upon presenting  the actual card itself and this information accompaniment won’t be accepted as a valid replacement. We thank you for your understanding. Please remember to return the spa and guest card to your  accommodation provider before your departure!

Additional attractive concessions:

  • Free bus travel
    throughout the RVO network West, e.g. to the surrounding lakes incl. Tegernsee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen etc.
  • Free entry
    - Tölzer Stadtmuseum (special exhibits € 1.50)
    - Naturparkhaus Hinterriß
  • Free use of
    - Internet access in the Tourist Information
    - MP3 player with city tour podcast
  • Free/discounted participation  
    - Guided hikes (therapeutic offers not included)
    - City tours
    - Several theme-related tours
    - Various countryside and cultural tours
    - online health check in Bad Tölz’s VitalZentrum (Health Centre)
  • Concessions
    - Events organised by the Tourist Information Centre held in either the Kurhaus or the Kleinen Kursaal
    - Tölzer Marionette Theatre
    - Planetarium
    - EC Bad Tölz
    - Bicycle hire from “The Bike Boutique”
    - “SCHWIMMBADTÖLZ” (indoor swimming pool and sauna)
    - Eichmühle natural outdoor pool
    - Ski lifts/cable cars: Blomberg (combo-ticket only: up and back down), Brauneck and Herzogstand
    - Golf courses: on Buchberg and atop the Flinthöhe
    - Bus trips to the “Eng” (RVO): return ticket on weekdays € 10 (between the middle of June and the middle of October only)
    - Spa-shuttle to Bad Wörishofen (including entrance)
    - Glentleiten open-air museum
    - Excursions with Schöfmann tour operators
    - Ropes course at Blomberg
    - “Kristall trimini Kochel am See” with sauna spa and leisure pool

Further concessions may be available, including those in neighbouring areas, upon request. Subject to change without notice.

Spa taxes

Spa taxesper day
For those aged 19 and older€ 2,30
Children and adolescents aged between 15 and 18€ 1,25
Severly disabled persons with 80% disabilityfree
Anyone assisting a severely disabled person with the "B" entry in their disabled persons IDfree
Children under 15 years of agefree
Business travellers (upon presentation of proof of purpose)free


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