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historical and elegant

Hainricus de Tolnze married the last heiress of the owners of Tölz´s castle. He gave Tölz its name and he is also responsible for the town´s first boom years. Situated at the crossing of two trade roads, the river Isar and the old trade road for salt from Reichenhall to Allgäu, Tölz soon became a flourishing market. In 1331 it was granted extensive "Marktrechte", e.g. the right to hold a market and has propered ever since. Today the town stands out as a baroque and colourful jewel close to the mountains. Indulge in all the pleasures that Bad Tölz can offer, visit its picturesque pedestrain precinct and have a look at shops, parks, fountains and a lot more.


From 1909 until 1917, famous writer and winner of the Nobel Prize Thomas Mann owned a splendid villa in Bad Tölz, that he used as a summer residence for his family. The house is now privately owned.


Kalvarienberg does not only offer a unique view of the city and the valley, but also a remarkable baroque church with its two elegant towers. Next to it you can see the socalled Leonhardikapelle, the destination of the Leonhardifahrt, one of the greatest pilgrimages on horse.


Right in the centre of historic Marktstraße (= Market Street) you can find the town´s parish church, which was built in a late gothic style of the 15th century.  The church Mühlfeldkirche was first designed as a pilgrimage chapel in the 16th century and converted to today´s church in the 18th century. On the other side of the river Isar a Franciscan monastery, which was dissolved in 2008, was built in the 17th century and completed with a church a hundred years later. In the end of the 19th century a protestant church was consecrated in the so-called Badeteil, the area around the Kurhaus.

the assembly rooms


The building, designed by Gabriel von Seidl, was officially opened in June 1914. Ever since then it has been the stylish and elegant location for numerous cultural events.  

a very special shop


A little and quite special shop called Heimatwerk is directly adjoined to the town’s museum of local history. Here you can buy arts and crafts made by local artists and craftsmen.

market street


This historic street of houses has often been called "the most beautiful banquet hall in Upper Bavaria". Its baroque town houses with the fantastic Lüftlmalerei, a typical Bavarian way of painting the facades of houses, invite you to linger and to stroll around in this unique pedestrian precinct.


for day trips

Bad Tölz is located right in Upper Bavaria and therefore, the perfect start for shorter or longer day trips to many beautiful spots. Munich is about 50 km (= about 32 miles) away and can be reached within one hour by train. Many lakes (Lake Tegernsee, Lake Starnberg and Lake Chiemsee) invite you to enjoy yourself. Well-known monasteries like Benediktbeuern or Ettal and the famous castles Linderhof and Neuschwanstein should definitely be on your "Bavarian hot spots" list. For those interested in culture, there are several good museums for example Franz-Marc-Museum in Kochel or Buchheim-Museum in Bernried and for our nature-loving visitors Germany´s highest mountain - the Zugspitze - is a must. The Austrian cities Innsbruck, Salzburg and Kufstein are also tempting and they aren´t far.

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