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The Town´s history

Although written differently, Tölz was mentioned for the first time in the records of 1180. In 1331, it was granted extensive "Marktrechte", e.g. the right to hold a market. In the 13th and 14th century many workshops (e.g. limeburners and raftsmen) settled in this area. A great fire destroyed large parts of the town in 1453, but with generous noble support reconstruction soon began. Thanks to the location at the river Isar, the rafting and also brewery trade the town soon flourished. 22 breweries could be counted in 1721. Tölz became also famous for arts and crafts with the beautiful coloured chests, cases and beds. In 1845, iodine was found close to Tölz. Therefore, market town Markt Tölz became Bad (= the German word for spa resorts) in 1899. In 1906, it was recognized as town and in 1969 it got the rating "Heilklimatischer Kurort", which means that its climate is beneficial to health. What is more, in 2005, it also got the title "Moorheilbad", that means it is acknowledged as mineral and medicinal mud-bath spa.

The town´s coat of arms

tours of the town

The best way, in order to get to know the town is to join one of the walking tours with our trained tour guides. We would be happy too book an individual tour in English language for you. For more information please contact us by telephone (0049-8041-786717) or e-mail (res@bad-toelz.de)

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